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IPv6 Benefits for Networking

  • IPv6 is Rich in Terms of IP address - 3.4 x 1038 = 340 trillion trillion trillion addresses - about 670 quadrillion addresses per square millimetre of the Earth's surface.
  • Easy and Cheap Management of Networks - Auto-configuration is possible. IPv6 is simple and easily manageable when it comes to installations.
  • Get End-to-End Transparency - Get direct addressing due to plenty of address space which is required for effective elimination of network address translation devices.
  • Improved security features - IPv6 protocol comprises of IPSEC that can be used with a suitable key infrastructure.
  • Enhanced mobility capabilitiesIPv6 offers interoperability and mobility capabilities which are already widely embedded in network devices.
  • Encourages innovation IPv6 gives absolute chance for triggering innovation and assisting collaboration with the given the numbers of addresses, scalability and flexibility.